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TK Sage


"I'm going to be a magical, mystical goal setter for the rest of my life."

- TK Sage

What would you do in your life if you felt that you could not fail?

I remember sitting alone in my small apartment one day back in 2018, feeling unfulfilled and saying to myself:


"Man...I just want no stress, no struggle, no fear, no hate, no worry. I want to just do, go, feel, laugh, achieve, enjoy, relax, love, have, jump, thrive....Be". And bam! JustBe Africa was born in my heart. 


So here's my challenge to all my fellow Africans across the globe, let's do it! Let's go out and be, our awesome, authentic, creative selves. This brand is a love-letter to all the dreamers, creators, builders, innovators, trail-blazers, lovers of living the good life.

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