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FREE! Abibitumi Saturday Seminar Series

I'd like to introduce you all to a site and group that has helped me and will continue to aid me during my repatriation journey back home.


Interested in learning more about the steps needed to attain repatriation to Africa? Check out this upcoming seminar!

2pm GMT

Repatriate to Ghana Interest and Sharing Session

Featuring one of Ghana’s most successful repatriates, Asantu Kweku Maroon

In this special Saturday Seminar, Ɔbenfo Ọbádélé Kambon and Asantu Kweku Maroon discuss milestones in repatriation from buying land to building a house to getting Ghanaian citizenship to marriage and starting a family in Ghana. If you are interested in an even more BlackPowerful success story for you and your loved ones, this gathering is for you!


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